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Who is Xen Martin? Biography,Age, Career, Net Worth, Family & More


Tisha Campbell-Martin hypnotizes swarms with her allure and capacity, enduringly affecting fans all over the planet. Her life advantages many, with interest stirred about her experience, job, and individual issues. People much of the time search for information about her nationality, age, level, complete resources, companion, livelihood achievements, pay sources, and even bits of knowledge concerning her own life, including body assessments. The point here is to explore the diverse pieces of this gifted performer. Close to the completion of this examination, perusers will procure a more significant information into the intricacies of Tisha Campbell-Martin’s life.

Xen Martin Biography

Duane Martin, brought into the world on August 11, 1965, hails from Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. He sealed the deal with Tisha Campbell-Martin in 1996, and together they have two youngsters, Ezekiel and Xen. Notwithstanding his underlying desires of an expert b-ball vocation in the NBA, Duane changed gears and sought after acting all things being equal.

His acting cycle got a move on after his appearance in the parody series “Out All through the Night”. Duane Martin continued to star in various shows nearby famous names like Morris Chestnut, Vivica A. Fox, and Patti LaBelle. His different acting credits recollect occupations for “Getting Person”, “Rita Rocks”, “The Paul Reiser Show”, “We as a whole”, “White Men Can’t Bounce”, “The Seat Filler”, and some more. He has shown his capacity across sorts, from spoof to show, in motion pictures, for instance, “The Inkwell”, “Past the brink”, “Ride or Pass on”, “Convey Us from Eva”, and “What Young fellows Like”. Moreover, Duane has appeared in striking movies like “Some arbitrary Sunday”, “The Labor force”, “Appeal”, “Yell 2”, “Fakin’ da Funk”, and “Down Periscope”. His most recent endeavor recollects a task for the television series “Certified Companions of Hollywood”.

Who is Xen Martin?

Xen Martin amasses thought as the offspring of two obvious figures in the American redirection area. His mother, Tisha Campbell (generally called Tisha Michelle Campbell), has become renowned as a refined performer, prominently saw for her parts in ABC comedies, for instance, “My Soul mate and Youngsters”, “Rita Rocks”, “Dr. Ken”, and “The Safeguard”. Past acting, she displays her gifts as a craftsman and entertainer. Besides, Xen’s mother has secured respects, including the Free Soul Award and the NAACP Picture Award, further solidifying her status as a respected figure in the business.

Xen Martin Wiki

Real NameXen Martin
Profession(s)Family Member
BirthdayAugust 8, 2001
Zodiac SignLeo
Age21 years
BirthplaceLos Angeles, United States
HometownLos Angeles, California, United States

Xen Martin Education

As of 2022, Xen Martin is enrolled as a college student. In February 2020, he denoted a huge achievement by moving on from California Virtual Scholastics, a secondary school he went to during the pinnacle of the Crown plague. Pleased with his accomplishment, both of his folks took to their web-based entertainment stages to commend his prosperity. Presently, Xen is dedicated to his studies and is pursuing a degree in Zoology at Moorpark College in California.

Xen Martin Age

At 21 years of age, I’m at a dynamic phase of life, loaded up with valuable open doors and new encounters. This age denotes a huge progress into adulthood, where the quest for instruction, profession desires, and self-improvement become focal topics. It is a period described by investigation, whether that implies digging into new side interests, going to new spots, or framing significant connections. At 21, there is an extraordinary mix of young excitement and arising development, giving an establishment to the future and an opportunity to shape the course of my existence with energy and good faith.

Xen Martin Career

We should follow the expert excursion of Tisha Campbell-Martin, beginning from her unassuming starting points to her ongoing status as a conspicuous model. We’ll likewise dig into her instructive foundation, covering her tutoring, school encounters, and scholastic accomplishments.

Xen Martin Net Worth

With a staggering all out resources of $15 million, Tisha Campbell-Martin stays as a kind of perspective reason behind significance in news sources, enchanting groups with her astounding gifts. Popular for her adaptability in acting, organizing, and illustrating, she has set her circumstance as a multifaceted amazing powerhouse in entertainment, getting respect for her various capacities. Beside her creative endeavors, Tisha Campbell-Martin’s overflow is clear in her extravagant lifestyle, put aside by rich homes in Oklahoma and upscale vehicles.

Her cycle fills in as an exhibit of the weighty power of responsibility, capacity, and troublesome work in the redirection space, energizing others to seek after their dreams with tireless confirmation. Continually enchanting groups with her striking shows and innovative endeavors, Tisha Campbell-Martin remains a splendid delineation of the unimaginable entryways that arise when one follows their inclinations with consistent obligation and dominance.

Xen Martin Family 

My family assumes an essential part in my life. My dad, Clifton Campbell, and my mom, Mona Campbell, have consistently offered immovable help and direction. I’m lucky to have an affectionate family, including my sibling, Jermaine Campbell, and my sister, Headdress Campbell. Every individual from my family contributes remarkably to my childhood and self-awareness, establishing a supporting and cherishing climate.

Xen Martin Siblings

Xen’s more youthful sibling, Ezekiel Emperor Martin, appeared on the scene on September 8, 2009, gauging a weighty 9 pounds, 9 ounces, and estimating 23 inches long upon entering the world. His size was with the end goal that infant garments didn’t exactly fit him, as described by his mom. Starting around 2022, Ezekiel is currently 13 years of age, growing up close by his more seasoned sibling Xen.

His parents are Divorced

Tisha and Duane, the guardians of Xen Martin, traded promises on August 17, 1996. Be that as it may, their conjugal excursion took a turn when, in February 2018, Campbell started separate from procedures after over twenty years together. Claims surfaced, with Campbell blaming Martin for monetary offense and covering resources during their marriage. After a lawful cycle spreading over very nearly three years, their separation was formally closed in December 2020.


Birthdate: Xen Martin was born on August 8, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Family Background: He is the son of Tisha Campbell-Martin, a well-known actress, and Duane Martin. Xen also has a younger brother named Ezekiel Emperor Martin.

Education: Xen Martin graduated from California Virtual Academics in February 2020. As of 2022, he is enrolled as a college student, pursuing a degree in Zoology at Moorpark College in California.

Career: While specific details about Xen Martin’s career are not widely known, his educational focus suggests an interest in the field of zoology.

Net Worth: Xen Martin’s individual net worth is not publicly disclosed. However, his mother, Tisha Campbell-Martin, has a net worth of $15 million, earned through her successful career in acting, singing, and other endeavors.

Personal Life: Xen Martin’s parents, Tisha and Duane Martin, divorced in December 2020 after separating in February 2018. Despite this, Xen maintains a close relationship with his family, including his parents and younger brother.

Age: As of 2024, Xen Martin is 21 years old, marking a significant stage of transition into adulthood and independence.


Xen Martin, the son of Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin, is carving his own path in life while drawing from his rich family heritage in the entertainment industry. At 21, he is focused on his education in zoology, with his future career prospects still unfolding. Despite his parents’ separation, Xen remains supported by a family renowned for their contributions to the arts.


1. Who are Xen Martin’s parents?
Xen Martin’s parents are Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin, both prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

2. How old is Xen Martin?
Xen Martin is 21 years old, born on August 8, 2001.

3. What is Xen Martin studying?
Xen Martin is pursuing a degree in Zoology at Moorpark College in California.

4. Does Xen Martin have any siblings?
Yes, Xen Martin has a younger brother named Ezekiel Emperor Martin, born on September 8, 2009.

5. What is Tisha Campbell-Martin’s net worth?
Tisha Campbell-Martin has a net worth of $15 million, earned through her extensive career in acting, singing, and dancing.

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