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Who is Fiona Loudon? Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family & More Detail


Fiona Loudon was brought into the world on May 5, 1968, in Scotland, Joined Realm, gladly embracing her Scottish legacy. At 54, she stands solidly under the dependable indication of Taurus, known for its security and assurance.

With her foundations profoundly implanted in Scotland and her ethnicity Caucasian, Fiona values her security. Insights concerning her folks and other relatives stay undisclosed, safeguarded by the security she holds dear. It’s clear that she focuses on protecting her friends and family from the meddling look of the public eye and the steady quest for paparazzi, picking to keep their lives out of the spotlight.

This tendency for security stretches out to her own life, as Fiona drives a tranquil presence. She seldom dives into her family or individual foundation, liking to zero in on keeping a similarity to business as usual in the midst of any consideration earned through her past relationship with entertainer Daniel Craig.

In reality as we know it where notoriety frequently includes some major disadvantages, Fiona’s decision to focus on security says a lot about her qualities and the significance she puts on defending her friends and family and individual life.

Who is Fiona Loudon?

Fiona Loudon is a Scottish performer, most famously recognized as the first wife of actor Daniel Craig. Daniel is a renowned actor acclaimed for his portrayal of the fictional British Secret Service agent, James Bond. Additionally, Fiona is an artist and healer.In 2006, Daniel kickstarted his acting journey with a role in the blockbuster film “Casino Royale.”

Fiona Loudon Biography

Fiona Loudon, brought into the world on May 5, 1968, is a Scottish performer hailing from Scotland. She spent her early stages there, finishing her essential schooling prior to taking a urgent action to England in her mid-twenties to seek after examinations at the College of London.

Fiona set out on her acting process in the mid 90s, principally in front of an audience, sharpening her specialty. Nonetheless, her direction took a huge turn upon her association with Daniel Craig, a second that push her into the spotlight.

Their relationship, which became public information in 1991, finished in marriage in 1992. Fiona wound up under the examination of public consideration, her association with Daniel enhancing her presence in the media.

Tragically, their marriage reached a conclusion just two years after the fact, regardless of the introduction of their girl during this time. While Daniel Craig proceeded to remarry and additionally concrete his standing in the acting domain, Fiona picked an alternate way.

Favoring a more confidential presence, Fiona picked to avoid the spotlight, keeping subtleties of her life watched from public utilization. She dedicated her opportunity to bringing her girl up in the energetic city of London, zeroing in on giving a stable and sustaining climate.

In the result of her acting vocation, Fiona diverted her gifts and interests towards the field of psychotherapy and craftsmanship consultancy. Today, she drives a satisfying life, tracking down reason and satisfaction in her work while keeping a position of safety presence in the public eye.

Fiona Loudon Early life

Fiona Loudon was brought into the world on May fifth, 1968 in Scotland, Joined Area. Starting around 2024, she is 56 years old.Fiona spent her childhood and experienced youth in Scotland. She holds Scottish identity and has a place with a Caucasian nationality. Fiona has confidence in the Christian religion and her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Fiona Loudon Wiki

Full NameFiona London
Famous asThe Ex-wife of Daniel Craig
Nick NameFiona, Harley Loudon
Birth DateMay 5th, 1968
BirthplaceScotland, United Kingdom
Fiona Loudon Age56 Years Old
Father’s NameNot Available
Mother’s NameNot Available
SiblingsNot Available
Ex-husbandDaniel Craig
Fiona Loudon DaughterElla Craig
EducationUniversity of London
Zodiac SignTaurus
Marital StatusDivorce
Height5 feet and 7 inches or 170 cm
Weight60 kg or 132 lbs.
Body Measurements35-27-34 inches
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Net Worth10 Million US Dollars

Fiona Loudon Education

Fiona got her essential training from a nearby tuition based school in Scotland, Joined Realm. For her higher investigations, she got her enlistment at London College. The insights about his graduation are obscure and not even shared by her.She fostered another interest in music and sought after a Graduate degree in Music Treatment.

Fiona Loudon Age

On May 5, 1968, Fiona Loudon was brought to the world in Scotland, in the Brought together Domain. According to the Zodiac, she is a Taurus and is 55 years old.

Fiona Loudon Height

Fiona Loudon stays at a degree of 5 feet and 7 inches, which is indistinguishable from 170 centimeters.This level puts her gently surprisingly good level, allowing her to arrange a presence in any setting she enters. Whether she’s investigating the clamoring streets of a city or gracing the stage with her presence, Fiona’s level adds to her overall presence and attraction.Standing tall at 170 centimeters, she represents conviction and equilibrium, effectively getting thought any spot she goes.

Fiona Loudon Career

Fiona Loudon’s vocation as an entertainer based to a great extent on London theaters, where she enamored crowds with her ability. It was in 1991 that she previously aroused public curiosity, corresponding with the disclosure of her high-profile relationship with acclaimed entertainer Daniel Craig.

Their relationship thrust them into the relentless glare of the paparazzi, prompting Fiona to adopt a notably private stance regarding her family background, education, and early life.

However, the couple’s marriage made headlines, drawing considerable attention from the media for a period. Their union also brought the joy of parenthood with the arrival of their daughter. Unfortunately, after just over two years of marriage, they parted ways.

While Fiona’s ex-husband Daniel Craig skyrocketed to fame as the iconic spy James Bond, she chose to lead a life away from the public eye. Despite Daniel eventually marrying actress Rachel Weisz, rumors about Fiona’s past marriage persisted in the public sphere for years.

Her ex-husband’s romantic entanglements with various others also garnered attention. Recently, Fiona Loudon made headlines again when her daughter with Craig, Ella, made her debut in the entertainment industry.

Fiona Loudon Net Worth

As of July 2023, Fiona Loudon’s assessed total assets remains at around $10 million. Her abundance basically originates from her effective acting profession and her commitments to London theaters.

Fiona’s excursion on both stage and screen has been instrumental in collecting such a significant fortune, displaying her ability and commitment to her art. Her critical total assets fills in as a demonstration of her achievements in media outlets and highlights her persistent effort and diligence throughout the long term.

Fiona Loudon Personal life

Fiona Loudon’s life has been characterized by an inclination for security and a solid accentuation on her family and friends and family. She was pushed into the public eye because of her relationship with the famous entertainer Daniel Craig, whom she wedded in 1992.

Their association favored them with a girl, Ella Loudon (presently Ella Craig), conceived that very year. Notwithstanding, their marriage was fleeting, finishing off with separate in 1994. Following the division, Fiona decided to stay single, zeroing in her endeavors on bringing her little girl up in London.

Notwithstanding the finish of her union with Daniel Craig, Fiona keeps a cozy relationship with her girl Ella, who has continued in the strides of her folks by chasing after a lifelong in acting. Reports demonstrate that Fiona imparts major areas of strength for a to her little girl and keeps a friendly relationship with her ex, Daniel Craig, and his ongoing accomplice, Rachel Weisz.

All through her life, Fiona has decided to keep a position of safety, avoiding the glare of the public eye. She esteems her security and forgoes sharing close insights concerning her own life, including her childhood, family foundation, and connections past her relationship with Daniel Craig.

All things being equal, Fiona has zeroed in on her vocation as a psychotherapist and workmanship expert, embracing a calmer, more confidential way of life away from the spotlight.

Fiona Loudon Family

Fiona has stayed quiet about her family foundation firmly, passing on people in general with almost no data about her folks or any kin she might have. Notwithstanding, early on of 23, she sealed the deal with Daniel Craig, with whom she invited a girl before their detachment in 1994, only two years after the fact.

Daniel Craig remains as perhaps of Britain’s most celebrated entertainer, prestigious for his notorious depiction of James Security 007 in the amazing film series in view of Ian Fleming’s stories of secret activities. His celebrated lifetime traverses various jobs in movies, for example, “Layer Cake,” “Love is Satan,” “Elizabeth,” among others. In any case, it was his exemplification of the James Bond character that slung him to global distinction. Starting with “Club Royale” in 2006, he repeated the job in four resulting James Bond films until 2021, procuring basic recognition and various awards en route.

Among his honors, Craig got the Pundits’ Decision Film Grant for Best Entertainer in an Activity Film for his presentation in “Skyfall” (2012) and procured selections in a similar classification for “Ghost” (2015) and other eminent honors for his depiction of the famous covert operative.

Ella Craig, otherwise called Ella Loudon, is the little girl of Fiona Loudon and Daniel Craig. Continuing in the strides of her folks, Ella set out on an acting vocation, at first plunging her toes into theater creations with a job in “Shakespeare and Company.” Progressing completely into film acting in 2007, she has showed up in different motion pictures including “Memory’s Reality,” “Dominant hunter,” “Injury is a Time Machine,” “Can’t Let It Go,” “Texas Street,” and that’s just the beginning.

Ella imparts a profound cling to her mom and keeps a positive relationship with her dad and his significant other, Rachel Weisz, mirroring a strong and agreeable relational intricacy notwithstanding their previous history.

Fiona Loudon Relationship

Fiona presently resides amidst the scenic landscapes of Scotland, embracing her solitary existence post-divorce. Her former union with Daniel Craig remains shrouded in mystery, the genesis of their connection undisclosed to the public eye. It was during the unfolding of their respective careers within the entertainment domain that their paths serendipitously crossed, heralding the commencement of a romantic liaison, the details of which elude public scrutiny. A period of courtship ensued before the clandestine exchange of vows in 1992, veiled from the prying eyes of the media.

Their marital association proved to be fruitful as a little girl, Ella Craig, yet the transient serenity of their association was interspersed by the violent breezes of disunity, prompting its disintegration a simple two years after the fact in 1994. The disintegration of their conjugal bond was credited to an apparent absence of profound development with respect to the two players, an unfortunate outcome of their childhood and inability.

In an open disclosure, Daniel enunciated his longing for a difference in ways of life, a longing incongruent with the direction of their common process. Subsequently, with overwhelming sadness and grave purpose, the recent couple set out upon the burdensome course of legitimate partition, cutting off the tie that bound them together in conjugal association.

Following the disintegration of her marriage, Fiona shunned the possibility of going into another intimate union, selecting rather to commit her energies towards the sustaining of her descendants. Embracing another employment as a psychotherapist and craftsmanship specialist, she tracked down comfort and satisfaction in the help of others, outlining a course particular from the spotlight of media outlets.

In the mean time, Daniel Craig found comfort in the arms of Rachel Weisz, an association fulfilled on the 22nd of June, 2011, following a lengthy romance period.

Fiona Loudon Social Media

Fiona is definitely not a virtual entertainment character, as he doesn’t claim an authority account. He is a long way from virtual entertainment and shows no interest.


Early Life and Education: Fiona Loudon was born on May 5th, 1968, in Scotland. She pursued her education at a local private school in Scotland before attending the University of London for further studies. Details about her graduation are not publicly available. She later developed an interest in music therapy and obtained a Master’s degree in Music Therapy.

Career in Acting: Fiona began her acting career in the mid-1990s, primarily focusing on stage performances in London theaters. While she honed her craft on stage, her relationship with actor Daniel Craig brought her into the public eye. Despite the attention, Fiona maintained a preference for privacy and shifted her focus to other endeavors after her divorce.

Marriage to Daniel Craig: Fiona Loudon married Daniel Craig in 1992 after a period of courtship. Their marriage brought them a daughter, Ella Craig, born the same year. However, their union ended in divorce just two years later in 1994. Despite the end of their marriage, Fiona and Daniel maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their daughter.

Private Life: Fiona Loudon values her privacy and has chosen to keep details about her personal life, including her family background and relationships outside of her marriage to Daniel Craig, away from public scrutiny. She leads a low-key lifestyle away from the spotlight.

Career Transition: After her divorce, Fiona redirected her career path towards psychotherapy and art consultancy. She found fulfillment in helping others and embraced a quieter life away from the entertainment industry’s glare.

Net Worth: Fiona Loudon’s estimated net worth is around $10 million, primarily accumulated through her acting career and contributions to London theaters. Her transition into psychotherapy and art consultancy also likely contributed to her financial stability.

Social Media Presence: Fiona Loudon is not active on social media and prefers to maintain a distance from virtual entertainment platforms, reflecting her commitment to privacy and leading a life away from the public eye.


Fiona Loudon, brought into the world in Scotland in 1968, procured undeniable quality as the companion of performer Daniel Craig, famous for his occupation as James Bond. Despite their high-profile marriage in 1992, they went out this way and that in 1994. Fiona decided to have a confidential existence post-separate, zeroing in on bringing up their little girl and chasing after a lifelong in psychotherapy and craftsmanship consultancy.


1. What is Fiona Loudon’s age?

Fiona Loudon was born on May 5th, 1968, making her 56 years old as of 2024.

2. What is Fiona Loudon’s profession?

Fiona Loudon is primarily known for her career as an actress, focusing on stage performances in London theaters. However, she later shifted her focus to psychotherapy and art consultancy.

3. Who is Fiona Loudon’s ex-husband?

Fiona Loudon was previously married to actor Daniel Craig, known for his portrayal of James Bond in the film series. They were married in 1992 but divorced in 1994.

4. Does Fiona Loudon have any children?

Yes, Fiona Loudon has a daughter named Ella Craig (formerly Ella Loudon) with Daniel Craig. Ella has followed in her parents’ footsteps and pursued a career in acting.

5. What is Fiona Loudon’s net worth?

Fiona Loudon’s estimated net worth is around $10 million, primarily stemming from her acting career and contributions to London theaters.

6. Is Fiona Loudon active on social media?

No, Fiona Loudon does not have any official social media accounts. She maintains a private life away from the virtual entertainment sphere.

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